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Open Question: Can I still keep my 4 month daughter if?

my husband and i got married a year ago and he has been treating me wrong and he keeps theating me by saying he is going to take my four month daughter away from me, i am from mexico (illegal) and he is an american and i am scare, can i receive custody of my daughter if we receive a divorce?

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Open Question: What do you guys think of Jona so far?

Best player for México so far IMO

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Open Question: How common is it for iternational friendlies not to include the host country?

Today there Is an international friendly between Mexico and Columbia, and the game is being played in Miami , FL not in Mexico or Columbia. I know the Mexico has a big fan base In the united states but you would never look a game between France and Spain in wembley stadium. Or a game between USA and England in Estadio Azteca. Or would you?

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Open Question: Can i return to us from mexico by land with an expired passport?

I would also have a current state id, birth certificate, and social security card.

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Open Question: How come it took Mexico two years three months to arrest father who molested his own stepdaughter?

A man identified as the stepfather of a 14-year-old was arrested yesterday on a warrant, two years three months after he allegedly raped and violated his step daughter. The detainee was identified as Fernando Cruz Rios Cruz, 31 years of age, who is identified as the suspect that molested his stepdaughter. According to the report of the Attorney General, the man allegedly twice raped the teen-aged girl in 2009. The public prosecutor said the defendant loved the girl and she consented to their relationship. But, once the mom learned about the molestation she filed a complaint in December 2009, but it was not until Feb. 3 of this year that the arrest was ordered by the Attorney General. On Monday, agents from the Attorney General’s Office arrested him at his home with an arrest warrant.

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Open Question: Who do you think will score the first goal for Mexico?

I think Barrera. Who do you think? BQ:What will be the final score? Mexico 3 Colombia 0 Shit, that culero Falcao scored.

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Open Question: Can i travel to mexico from the us by land with an expired passport?

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Open Question: Who's watching Mexico vs Colombia?

The game is about to start, and apparently Jona is starting. They haven't showed the whole line up yet. What are your score predictions? Mexico 2-0 Colombia The starting line up is -------------------Ochoa------------------------- Perez---Moreno---Marquez----Salcido -------Jona-----------Zavala ---Barrera----------------Guardado --------------Gio------------------- -------------Chicharito----------

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Open Question: What is the most popular Modern Rock band from Spain?

Mana is the biggest rock band from Mexico. Oasis was the biggest rock band from England. What is the biggest rock band from Spain?? The only Spanish Artist i can think of is Enrique Iglesias. But that's not really a Rock band, that's Latin Pop. Anyone know any famous rock band from Spain?

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Open Question: 1. How might the history of the 20 th century been different if the Provisional Government had been successful?

Following Lenin's death in 1924, Stalin moved quickly to solidify his support among both the Central Committee and the various party organizations throughout the Soviet Union. As General Secretary he had appointed many party leaders. Their support was crucial in the struggle with Trotsky for control of the party. In his bid for leadership of the party, Trotsky attacked the New Economic Policy for its tolerance of capitalism and land ownership. He also called on the party to support the permanent revolution as its major objective. But he failed to convince party members to follow him. At the Party Congress of 1927, 95% of the delegates voted to support Stalin. Trotsky was exiled to Siberia. He later fled to Europe and eventually settled in Mexico where he continued to write and talk. A Soviet agent assassinated him in 1940. During his premiership (1927-1953) Stalin supported some proletariat movements around the world through the Communist International (COMINTERN), notably in Spain, France, and China. But he did not wait for their success to determine the future of the Soviet Union. Stalin instituted a brutal series of economic plans designed to rapidly build the Soviet Union into a modern industrial power. By the tardy 1930s he had succeeded. Stalin was a harsh dictator. He brutally killed millions of peasants in his reorganization of the agricultural system and executed thousands of military officers and political opponents during the purges of the 1930s. He operated an extensive system of prisons and work camps known as the "gulag" where millions died in toil and misery. Stalin maintained his iron grip on power until his death in 1953.

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Open Question: Can Chicharito, Carlos Vela, Gio Dos Santos play in the 2012 Olympics?

How arrive they aren't mention in any of the Sub 23 Mexico Team because they are every below 23 except Vela who turns 23 tomorrow but his still legible.

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Open Question: I've been really depressed for months now. really need some non judgemental advise. really need help :(?

*Names have been changed* There was a guy I really liked, Dan. eventually I built up enough courage to talk to him. My pal told me she knew he liked me so i went ahead and asked him to the girls choice winter formal. He said yes instantly and asked if I liked him. I said yes. The next few weeks were great. We didn't go to the dance because he wasn't going to be in town no biggie. He asked me out about a month later. We dated for about 5 days.. I went to his basketball game and it was great we hung out had fun. The next day i got a text after school that asked if we could talk. As you'd imagine he broke up with me. I clip off every kinds of contact with him. I was extremely depressed and I cried for days non cease. everything would make me unhappy, id toss up, I stopped eating and fell behind in school. A week later i ran into him at the library and he spoke to me. Later he texted me saying he still liked me. I thought things would change but they didn't. then winter break came. I went to mexico for vacation and while i was there i received a comment and a message from him on FaceBook. He promised things would change when i returned. When i did receive back we had class together and he said we needed to talk. We did i told him i still liked him and by the end of the night our conversation ended with him telling me there was another girl and he had to pick one. It wasn't me. I was devastated. 2 weeks later she broke up with him and he came crawling back. He told me a lot of things one week and the next e wouldn't talk to me any more. He said it was better if we were just friends, it really hurt but oh well we both agreed it'd be better that way.Then I Started talking to Carter. This really sweet nice and silly guy who i'd always had a crush on. We FaceTimed every night for hours and always text. I really like Carter. A few days later Dan told me he couldn't forget me and that he liked me. I again told him how I felt, the next day wen went to a music store after school and it was pretty awkward he hasn't texted me sense then he just talks to me in class. After this I started talking to Carter who is like my BEST pal. I can tell him anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Carter told me he liked me and that made me super glad :) Or at least i thought it did. We FaceTimed and it was the cutest thing ever. He would say really sweet things. Last night we were both at my friends home and I knew what he wanted to ask. I kept avoiding the topic because after a lot of thinking i Realized that im not over the past situation. So i told him i didn't feel confortable being his gfriend yet and then later we Facetimed again and after a lot of insisting with "what's Wrong" I told him pretty much everything i mentioned over. I told him the entire story from beginning to end. eveything from the two anxiety attacks ive had to the drama going on at home. Im below a lot of pressure. I will be graduating high school soon and i need to figure out what i want to do with my life. he seems to have understood. But now i feel terrible and I've had some almost suicidal thoughts.. Im just scared that things wont work out and im scared that I might have messed everything up that could have been with Carter. Ever sense my breakup ive been extremely depressed and I cant cope with it anymore. Ive tried talking to friends but it doesnt seem to work. Im scared that Carter wont like me anymore even tho he said he understood what i was going through. that was my terribly long story and, not gonna lie, it feels nice to be typing it every out. I feel like this is just a jist of it. Any advise? please no Judjement Im pretty mature but im still young. I just need help

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Open Question: Help with History Homework?

CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY HOMEWORK PLZZZ....(every you have to do is tell me the year for these questions) 1.)The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory 2.) Lewis and Clark began to explore the Louisiana Territory 3.) Lewis and Clark returned from there expedition 4.)Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act 5.)The Cherokee were forced west on the Trail Of Tears 6.)Mountain men began to head into west 7.)1,000 mountain men attended rendezvous 8.)the beaver trad ended 9.)Pioneers began to use the Oregon Trail 10.)the use of the Oregon Trail came to an end 11.)the Wyoming Territory granted women to vote 12.)the Morman religion was founded by Joseph Smith 13.)Joseph Smith was killed by an mad mob in Nauvoo, Illinois 14.)Brigham Young led Mormans to Salt Lake Valley 15.)Mexico won it's independance from Spain 16.)Santa Anna was elected president of Mexico 17.)president Polk made a Treaty with Britain 18.)the United States annexed Texas 19.)Texas won its independace from mexico 20.)the United States declared war on Mexico after 11 soldiers were killed close Rio Grande 21.)the U.S Army won the battle of Chapultepec 22.)the U.S purchased the Mexican Cession for 18 million from Mexico as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo 23.)inj the Gandsden Purchase , the U.S paid 10 million to mexico for a strip of land in Arizona and new mexico ; manifest destiny is achevieved 24.)gold was discovered at Sutter,s mill in california 25.)San Francisco had a population of 200 26.)the ratio of men to women in california was 12 to 1 27.)california became a state 28.)40 percent of the population of california was foreign born 29.)san fransico had a population of 100,000 THANKIES ^/.\^

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Open Question: Watch mexico vs colombia?

I'm Mexican and I'm defenetly gonna watch it expecially you man United fans in England chicharito is gonna be good as always arriba mexico

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Open Question: Is there any "American Anime"?

I'm wondering if there's such a thing as American anime. What I mean by "American": Made in the United States. What I mean by "Anime": Adult contemporary animated feature films or serial television shows, similar to what is made in japan, but in English, with more occidental themed story lines. What I don't mean by American: South America, Mexico etc etc. What I don't mean by Anime: Bugs rabbit or "Talking animals that make stupid faces" pixar movies. Thanks guys.

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Open Question: What time is Mexico vs Colombia? Pacific time? Thank you?

Wanna look the game, haha? Who else is playing today? Argentina? Thanks everyone

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Open Question: I need help with a few geography questions?

Which of the following is not a label associated with the Midwest region? the Heartland the Cornbelt the Breadbasket of the World the Meadowlands Which of the following statements about the people of Kansas is not true? Some African American Kansans are descendants of exodusters. Most Kansans who were not born in the UniteU.S. migrated from Mexico. More descendants of Asian immigrants live in Kansas than descendants of European immigrants. Most Kansans were born in the state of Kansas. What are the five themes of geography? Apply two of them to the state of Kansas specifically

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Resolved Question: Mexico trip in motion you wanna come?

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Open Question: Where can I watch tv shows online?

I wanna watch Pretty Little Liars and The vampire diaries. But since i recently moved to mexico, they have every the shows and episodes from like a long time ago. For example if an episode aires in the US, a month or 2 later, it airs over here. which sucks. So I was wondering where I can find a website that allows me to watch episodes online for free, without me completing "surveys". So. can anyone give me a link, or tell me about a website so I can watch every my shows that I like? remember, i live outside the US, so hulu and project- free tv wont work oh, and i dont wanna download anything. just watch

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Open Question: Do these true religion clothes look real ?

jean jacket and for $70 from a regular store, not the official one, it came with tags, I checked the horseshoe, the Buddha, the pockets, the tags a did my research to spot fake trues, the jean jacket was made in mexico and the jeans from the u.s, is this too good to be true or does it sound legit , also she said they were on clearance 70% off so that's why they were low It was her and this other lady at the register The first 3 are from the true religion site/google and the last 7 are the ones I took( wooden floor, and you can look my shadow )

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Resolved Question: How hilarious is it when Mexicans try to bash the four time World Champions?

"Mexico 2-1 Italia" is their only argument, a FRIENDLY match from two years ago LMAO. Then they ignore the fact that Prandelli cared so little about this game that he started a SERIE B player and gave two players their nazionale debuts... but hey, there's no need for excuses, the USA beat us fairly. Anyway, congrats to the USA, they played a clean game, defended well and took their chances. They are a classy side who understands their place in world football, unlike Mexico. But hey you guys won the prestigious Gold Cup right? Surely you are as good as Spain right ???? LMAO @ Tyrone: Yes but we had Lippi's team of dinosaurs... @ Rafael - Your only old player was Blanco.... Italia on average was older: @ Rafael, what do you mean your squad was bad? You act like that is a rare occurrence. Mexico is always bad, unlike Italia. @ Rafael: I never said Italia was good currently or in the 2010 WC... we are in a transitionary period and we suck... and don't confuse anger with joking around :)

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Open Question: How do illegal Mexicans here & suppoters feel about Mexico Case Reveals Vast Human Trafficking Scheme?

The case of a Mexican organization which allegedly paid mothers to put their kids up for adoption has highlighted the fine line between adoption and child trafficking, and suggests that the practice is widespread in the country. A child trafficking ring uncovered by Mexican police in mid-January in Guadalajara, Jalisco has not only operated since the 1980′s, a decade earlier than previously reported, but has also provided hundreds of kids to adoptive families in other countries. The story began unraveling on January 9, 2012, after 21-year-old Laura Talamantes Fabiola Carranza was detained by police in Guadalajara. She was accused of allegedly trying to sell her two-year-old son. This led to the arrest of nine other people who were said to be participating in the same baby trafficking ring. Associated Press writer Olga Rodríguez followed the story closely, reporting on how seven of the kids’s mothers said they believed they had been allowing their kids to be photographed for anti-abortion advertising campaigns. Some of the babies had no birth certificates, Rodríguez reported, and at least one of the mothers was functionally illiterate. Other news reports allege that some birth mothers were paid $188 per week to carry their pregancies to term and then relinquish their kids for adoption. After these particular kids had been fraudulently separated from their mothers, they were subsequently offered as adoptable orphans to Irish families. The Irish Times, the Irish Examiner, and other publications covered the story extensively, noting that 18 cases of Mexican-Irish adoption are currently below investigation, and that approximately sixty Mexican kids have been adopted to Ireland since 2004. Lawyer Carlos Montoya, speaking on behalf of the Irish families ensnared in the scandal, told the Examiner that there were no suspicions of wrongdoing on the part of the adoptive families. Guadalajara-based attorney Carlos Lopez Valenzuela is one of the people allegedly at the middle of the operation. His law firm, Lopez & Lopez Associates, was operated by both Lopez and his son, reported by the Mexican press to be a former state prosecutor. The firm, according to posts signed by Lopez on internet adoption websites and message boards, was “exclusively devoted” to private Mexican adoptions and boasted of “an outstanding track record in delivering healthy kids.” One of his posts, dated August 2001, claims he “handled over 260 adoptions for Couples of New York area during the past 21 years [sic],” or since 1981. A History of Child-Buying and Trafficking Allegations This is not the first time Lopez has been involved in an adoption scandal. In 2003, Lesley Stahl and the CBS TV news magazine 48 Hours produced a story called “Twist of Fate,” which followed two Mexican sisters who had been adopted to different American families. The adoption had been arranged by Carlos Lopez. The girls’ birth mom claimed she had been “forced to give them up for adoption,” alleging that Lopez had refused to return her daughters after she changed her mind. Additionally, she said, records for her daughters had been manufactured. Lopez said he’d done nothing wrong. In 1990, Belen Zapata of CNN Mexico recently reported, Lopez and three other women were detained on charges of human trafficking stemming from attempts to purchase as-yet unborn kids from pregnant women at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara. At the time, Lopez told authorities he was a representative of the Association of Adoptive Parents of New York.

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Open Question: What should I do, break up or try and work it out?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 7 months. Things were going pretty good in the beginning but we did have an occasional battle. His ex-girlfriend is friends with every of his friends and is around every the time. I don't like her and every time I look her I want to beat her stupid grin off her face. One night when me and him were fighting he flirted with her every night and she was flirting back and asking him to buy her drinks and he did. He also has told me when we were fighting that he was flirting with her that one night because he was done with me and trying to receive back together with her and then he took it back saying he was joking. His friends go camping and stuff like that a lot and she usually goes with them. I told my boyfriend I'm not going if she's there and he told me yes I was which ensued another battle. I told him that maybe in a couple years I'll be okay with it but not anytime soon. He also said to me when arguing about this ex that every his other exes were chilly with hanging out with her which I replied with well look how well those relationships turned out and then he said well I'd still be with the one if she hadn't of cheated on me. Then he's always pointing out my physical and other flaws. And sometimes I feel like he's trying to make me into his exes by wanting me to look different, go to the gym, take up hobbies that they use to do with him. Granted I don't have any hobbies or interests and have had some bad habits (smoking,excessive drinking) so sometimes I think that the changes are good for me. But I adore him. I mean really adore him. Whenever we battle and break up he's always the one to call or text me the next day to try and fix things. He always says how he wants this to be his last relationship and to have a future together. We just went on a vacation to Mexico over Valentines day and it was his first real vacation with a girlfriend. The whole trip was great we got along really well and then as soon as we got back home and I saw his ex met his friends that we were hanging out with at the bar the fighting started again. I don't know what to do. I hate his friends, dealing with his ex-girlfriend, the way it seems like he's trying to change me. Should I end it now before we receive in even deeper? Or should I try to make things work? The night he was flirting with her we weren't broken up just fighting. But it was because she met him and every his friends out somewhere while I was still home getting ready and he didn't tell me. Still no excuse though. And he hates my dog.

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Open Question: Mexicans! Why is MLS better than Mexican soccer?

If Mexican soccer is better than the MLS than why do many famous and talented foreign players arrive to the USA to play and not go to Mexico. For example, players like: Thierry Henry David Beckam Wanchope The Great Pele your very possess Hugo Sanchez Mexicans that prefer to play in the MLS than in Mexico: Cuatemoco Blanco Nery Castillo Rafael Marquez Omar Bravo Jorge Campos-the goalie Luis Hernandez Pavel Pardo Francisco Palencia Claudio Suarez If the Mexican league is so great then why didnt these players I mentioned played in Mexico? They chose the better league the MLS! Even Pele chose USA to finish his career also Hugo Sanchez!! MLS>>>>FMF

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Open Question: stretched ear lobe reconstruction in albuqueruque, NM?

I have had my lobes stretched to 3/4" for a few years now and i think its time to move on. i want to completely close them and i know that because of the size they are at this can only be done with surgery. I wish to find someone where i live to do it. or at least somewhere really close i cant really travel. A good plastic surgeon that can be trusted that has done this before. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico (:

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Open Question: I met a guy, how to convince my parents?

I went to Mexico a week ago for two weeks. Im 14 and in Mexico I got close with a guy that volunteered at my resort , he was 15. And we've got so close, in just those two weeks. Heres a little about my trip, just extra information. My first day there, at the lobby he was smiling at me so much that it was kinda wierd, but cute.. So I had the nerve to go up to him and ask him "why are you smiling at me?" and he said " you're beautiful! Can you meet me at the beach at 8?" And I later that day' I was ki da nervous, but I got dolled up and I did anyways, and then there he was, standing alone, waiting for me, and the best two weeks of my life began there. Everyday after 6 we would hang out. We grew so close in that short period of time that when I was leaving, I shared my first kiss with him , because we were already holding hands everyday for two weeks. I have videos and pictures with him, and he has pictures of us too. We made videos on my recording camera of us just laying on the beach chairs in the middle of the night laughing and dancing to music from my iPod. He even taught me Spanish. I wish that he can be here with me right now, I miss him. How can I convince my parents to go to the same resort? My parents loved this resort, but my mom would rather go to cuba or Dominican republic. We can afford going next year because my parents said were going to the carribean next year again. What can I say to go to the same resot?

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Open Question: When does the Police Academy start 2012 in New Mexico?

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Open Question: Welcome home craft ideas for the kids for parents who are coming home from vacation?

I am a aunt and have been with the kids for the past week, the parents are in mexico and are coming home in a few days... i would like to make something special for them from the kids but im not sure what. I would like something about welcoming them home, also if you have any side ideas of something special they would like. Thank you

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Open Question: Do these true religions clothes look fake( pics, I'll choose b.a for honest answer )?

jean jacket and for $70 from a regular store, not the official one, it came with tags, I checked the horseshoe, the Buddha, the pockets, the tags a did my research to spot fake trues, the jean jacket was made in mexico and the jeans from the u.s, is this too good to be true or does it sound legit , also she said they were on clearance 70% off so that's why they were low It was her and this other lady at the register The first 3 are from the true religion site/google and the last 7 are the ones I took( wooden floor, and you can look my shadow ) @ jimmy something you can't afford, pwned @ hi thankyou

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Resolved Question: when red states have a tornado or flood, don't the blue states bail them out?

And for what it's worth, the top donor states per capita are in order (generally the wealthiest): Connecticut New Jersey Massachusetts California New York New Hampshire while the top recipeint states are (generally the lowest income): New Mexico South Dakota Mississippi Louisana West Virginia Montana

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Open Question: Should I use this old bottle of tequila (plastic container)?

In 2008 I received a free bottle of tequila from the resort I was staying at in Mexico. I was not of age to drink it at the time and decided I would wait until a special time to open it up. Well 4 years later it is still not opened but I want to use it this weekend. The brand is not well known and I doubt it is high quality at every. The container is made of plastic and there is are a bunch of brown particles at the bottom of the bottle.... I'm not sure if there was ever a tiny worm at the bottom that disintegrated over time or something (then again it would be labeled as Mezcal if that were the case). What do you guys think? Should I toss it or is it safe to drink?

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Open Question: Spanish help? (: ??????

Can anyone please read over and check if this grammatically makes sense? It's for this presentation and I wrote it, but I'm only in Spanish 2 so I'm not sure if it has a good sentence structure and etc. El chile dulce amarillo es una fruta de Mexico, central America, and America de sur. Christopher Columbus los descubrió y los compartió con Europa. Los pimientos crecen en muchas áreas diferentes del mundo porque ellos son adecuados para una variedad de climas. China es el mayor productor de pimientos. México es el segundo mayjor productor y Estados Unidos es el tercero. Los pimientos verdes tienen diferentes colores incluyendo verde, naranja, morado, y rojo. Están disponible todo el año, pero son abundantes durante el verano y el otoño.

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Open Question: Mexicans! Did You see the USA destroy Italy?

My ni$$a Dempsey schooled them Italians. This goes to show you how superior the USA team is and will be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming world cup. USA 2014 World Cup Champions!!! PS: oh and dont bring up the 4-2 gold cup game as an excuse for you guys to say Mexico is better. We every know Mexico used steroids throughout the entire competition

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Open Question: Hp Veer Australian App Catalogue?

I live in Australia and I recently bought a HP Veer from an online retailer 'Negri Electronics.' Anyway, it is AT&T but factory unlocked so I loaded my Optus sim card into the phone and it works perfectly well. Though I can't remember what country I put when setting up my Palm Profile and I don't actually remember being asked for a country at every, but I'm pretty sure I had put Australia, if the option was there. My regional settings are set to Australia for the time/date/currency section and same with the phone numbers; but my language is set to US English mainly for the reason that the only other available option was Spanish. So I've been reading for a long while now that there is a paid app store in Australia and there is a tiny selection of apps there. I am really not sure where my phone is countried to but I have a big selection of both free and paid apps (well big for webOS that is) and I would like to be able to purchase some. However, I tried to receive a paid app, it led me to entering credit card details and the only countries available were the US, Mexico and Canada and I couldn't enter an Australian billing address. I would really like to have Visual Boy Advance (another question- is that available on the Veer, cause I can't find it in Preware?!) or GBC.emu and many things which have to be paid for. If anyone could assist that'd be a huge help for me!

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Open Question: How much is 20.00 mexico money worth in the u.s?

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Open Question: Why don't African, Middle Eastern, India, Brazil, Mexico etc. countries ever make their own jet warplanes like?

China does?

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Open Question: Good lightweight water proof hiking boots?!?

This summer I'm going on a 75-100 mile backpacking trip in Camp Philmont New Mexico. My boots need to be lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and durable. Extreme support is not necessary as most trails are well worn, but waterproof is as there will be river crossings, rain, and I only expect to bring 3-5 pairs of socks because I can't spare room/weight for my 10+ day trip. I've used LL Beans waterproof hikers and found them to fall apart after a couple difficult 20 milers. I've also tried military type boots by Altama and found them to be reliable but bulky and not waterproof. Leather is ok but synthetic is preferred as it is lighter. Any experiences with Philmont or long "AT" type hikes? What do you suggest for boots and even other gear? Thanks

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Open Question: What time is the Mexico versus Columbia game?

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Resolved Question: Why is China so technologically advanced whereas Brazil and Mexico and India and the Middle East and Africa?

are not?

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Resolved Question: I'm pregnant the baby's dad don't support or help me on anything what should I do?

My baby's dad is from the USA and I'm from Mexico and I'm afraid that if I don't put he's last name to my baby I would have problem or that he would take my baby away from me but the thing is ever since I found out i was pregnant he's never helped me out on anything or support me so it's like I'm every alone. What type of issues would I be dealing with if I don't wanna put he's last name to my baby but he does? Even though he doesn't do anything for the baby.

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Open Question: can i vacation in mexico with my felony record?

i got a felony for posession of meth in 2002 and was told that a lot of countries wont let me enter. is this true?

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Open Question: Should we set up motion sensor gun turrets along the U.S. Mexico border?

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Open Question: Student wanting to volunteer abroad, advice on companies and prices and countries?

I am a first year Speech and Language student in Manchester and I'm keen on going abroad this summer to volunteer. At the moment Thailand/Mexico/Malawi look appealing but to be honest I'm not really sure how I should research it and where are the best places to go? I'm looking really to work with kids but I don't have a massive preference. Just wondering if anyone has any experience, any advice or any websites they can suggest? At the moment looks by far the cheapest but was wondering if there's any reason for that??? Please help! Thanks

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Open Question: do you know of what buses go from mexico to texas?

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Open Question: do i need a passport to vacation in mexico from the united states?

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Open Question: sell kidney I am a healthy person I can travel I live in mexico?


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Open Question: My first time going on a cruise... Questions!?

So, it's my first time going on a cruise and I'm super excited, even though I'm only going in a few years. Anyway, here are some of my questions. (If you can't answer them every, that's fine.) 1.) I hear that Carnival is awesome cruise wise. If you have ever went on a "Carnival" cruise, how did you like it? Rate it 1-10? 2.) How are the Carnival ships different? Other then looks? What boat would you recommend if they are different? 3.) What are "Ports Of Call"? Are they where you cease at? Also, if they are where you cease at, how long do you spend there? 4.) Where are some places you'd recommend going to on a cruise? (Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.) Thanks so much! I'll be 15 or 16 when I go on the cruise. Just so you every know.

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Open Question: does anyone know of a free online service that would allow me to send photos to a cell phone in mexico ?

i want to send photos to my husbands cell. he uses movistar as his carrier and it is prepaid. not a fancy phone, just the basic text and call. i dont have a cell at every and i wanna send him photos of the first snow here right now. thx

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Open Question: My mother sold a house in mexico and deposited the money in the bank her. 25K Does she need to pay taxes on it?

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Open Question: when does mexico play against colombia?

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